Questions, and One of Billions

As of last global population census, our number stands at nearly 7.6 billion. This is supposed to exponentially increase for years to come, provided there is time enough before catastrophes start hitting hard enough to act as great equalizer. The control over climate change and general issue of destruction of world’s environment is often considered... Continue Reading →

Don’t Pray for Australia (And Rest of the World)!?

The deepest nuisance of human nature is to feint with ignorance, or be dismissive, to the problems resulting due to even slightest of inconvenience to their acquisitiveness. For far too long, our collective race has been audaciously, recklessly, and shamelessly abusing the very planet that sustains its existence. The patches of corruption sustained on the... Continue Reading →

Crises on One Earth

Understanding of the true impact of annihilation inflicted on green covers, the ravaging of planet’s seas, or poisoning of the environment, seems (unfortunately) far from the critical urgency it requires. The developed lands are smug in their own islands of bigotry, trying to place the blame elsewhere. The developing ones too in turn refuse to... Continue Reading →

पुकार की ख़ामोशी

एक बहन जल गयी तेरी, एक दोस्त लुट गयी तेरी, एक बेटी हुई फनाह फिर, क्यों आँख खुली ना तेरी? रोई आज बहुत वो, चिलायी आज बहुत वो, तड़प तड़प हर बार, रेही थी पुकार तुझको। क्या दिल नहीं टूटा तेरा, क्या खून ना खौला तेरा, जिंदगी जी लेगा ऐसे? उसकी शवि भूला के मन... Continue Reading →

Review: Game of Thrones, the Series

When a powerful production value combines with highly popular script lifted of the books (or at least is based on it), and further enhances it with some great star-cast, thats supposed to be recipe for success. And from what I have seen, Game of Thrones did achieve some amazing success. However, the series while pretending... Continue Reading →

Review: Dracul

It’s inevitable for book claiming to be prequel of a classic to be compared to it. And while Dracul doesn’t live up to the standard of Bram Stoker’s original work, it does stand on its own as decent novel. What works for the authors of Dracul is that they simply tried to create an extension... Continue Reading →

Justification to Art of Horror Film Making: Tumbbad

A spectacular achievement in cinema that relies on powerful storytelling, praiseworthy acting, and stupendous cinematography. Its a rare gem in fantasy and horror pseudo-genre, making its mark without indulging in jump-scares, cheap amplification of sound (read noise), or expensive special affects. Tumbbad is deeply rooted in unique take on Indian myth as background, which only... Continue Reading →

Review: Blood Song (by Anthony Ryan)

Approaching the book without any expectation, I found Blood Song pretty much run of the mill stuff. There is no unique creative plot idea explored here and writing doesn't help the cause. Its more of a casual read that once done and dusted, would soon be forgotten. While "chosen one" metaphor has been done to... Continue Reading →

Review: Inkredia – Luwan of Brida

With Inkredia, what starts as an immature attempt at writing a novel, quickly escalates into academic and dry dump of author's plot conception. Its all but expected then that author fails miserably to deliver any sort of prose. Fantasy (read LotR) ingredients are used in abundance- 'Ghorks' replace 'Nazguls', 'Ghork riders' replace 'dark riders', 'The... Continue Reading →

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